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Kubuntu 18.04 Setup Notes 2019-05-03 Check if Program Installed within Shell Script 2019-05-03 PHP CLI Script Boilerplate 2019-03-23 Markdown Markup Language Reference 2019-03-13 Certbot Utility for Let's Encrypt - Command Reference and Examples 2019-01-23 Batch Renaming Image Files on the MacOS Command Line with the 'rename' Perl Utility 2019-01-19 Customizing Tree Style Tabs Firefox Extension 2019-01-09 Using Hugo to Serve a Static Website 2018-12-15 Backup and Upgrade Nextcloud from 13.0.0 to 14.0.1 - Notes 2018-09-29 Prevent Creation of .DS_Store Mac files on Mapped Network Drives 2018-09-21 Using VIM for Project Wide Search and Replace 2018-09-18 Access Underlying Monolog Instance used by Laravel 2018-09-15 PHP Regex Quick Reference 2018-09-15 Common Special Characters / Entities in HTML Quick Reference 2018-09-14 Let's Encrypt Error on Ubuntu 16.04: ImportError: No module named datetime 2017-08-20 Search for Packages on the Command Line Ubuntu 16.04 with apt-cache and apt 2017-08-17 Handling Dates in yyyy-mm-dd Format in PHP with the DateTime Class 2017-08-17 sqlite (sqlite3) on Command Line Ubuntu 16.04 2017-08-13 Copy MySQL Database to SQLite (Table Structure Already Created) 2017-07-29 Test Drive KDE Neon with Docker and neondocker.rb - Instructions by 2017-06-04 Investigating the Konsole Term String in Kubuntu 16.10 2017-04-14 Installing Docker Machine on Ubuntu 16.10 2017-04-14 Mounting a Synology NAS NFS Shared Folder on a Ubuntu 16.10 Client 2017-04-08 Installing MuPDF from Source on Mac OS X 10.10 2017-03-15 Fixing Node, NPM, Gulp, and Laravel Elixir on Ubuntu 14.04 2016-12-13 Installing Supervisor to Manage Laravel Queue Processes on Ubuntu 2016-12-12 Installing Postfix with DKIM and SPF to Send Outbound Email on Ubuntu 16.04 2016-12-07 Getting Started with Docker and Docker Compose on Ubuntu 14.04 2016-11-17 Setting Up Wordpress with WP CLI on Ubuntu 16.04 2016-11-16 Setting Up Apache 2.4, MariaDB, and PHP 7 with Ubuntu 16.04 on a Digital Ocean VPS 2016-11-07 Setting up HTTPS (SSL/TLS) with Let's Encrypt and Apache on Ubuntu 14.04 2016-10-15 Setting Up a Local WordPress Development Environment with Apache, PHP, MariaDB, and WP CLI on Mac OSX 10.11 2016-10-14 Retrieving the Count of Records in an Eloquent Pivot Table in Laravel 5 2016-09-25 Convert a Given Git Branch to Master and Retain History 2016-08-28 Discard Local Changes in Git 2014-03-17 pwck /etc/passwd Configuration Validator Linux Utility 2014-02-25 Removing Duplicate Values from a Comma Delimited String with PHP 2014-02-06 .vimrc Vim/gVim Configuration File 2014-01-30 Referential Integrity in the Context of a Relational Database 2013-09-29 Syncing ntpd and FreeSWITCH Clock on CentOS 2013-08-31 Using diskpart to Format a USB Drive in Windows 2013-08-16 Windows 7 Default Gateway Blank After Restart 2013-06-05 Installing Arch Linux Over a Network with PXE 2013-08-05 Converting a Putty Private Key (.ppk) to Openssh Format on a Mac 2013-07-15 Updating from Cyanogenmod 7 to Cyanogenmod 9 on HP Touchpad 2013-03-12 Editing a systemd Unit File 2013-07-04 Transferring PuTTY and WinSCP Configs between Windows Machines 2013-03-06 PHP: Unable to load dynamic library gd 2013-03-01 Windows IPv4 Route Table Info 2013-03-15 ssh-copy-id Utility 2013-02-17
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