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Use docker and neondocker.rb to test drive the latest release of KDE Neon and Plasma 5.10
Doing some investigation of the Term String ($TERM) on an installation of Kubuntu 16.10.
How to persistently mount a Synology NAS shared folder on a Ubuntu 16.10 client machine.
Install MuPDF by Compiling from Source on OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Resolving an issue with Gulp and Laravel Elixir by re-installing Node.js and NPM on Ubuntu 14.04
Installing and using the Supervisor utility on Ubuntu to manage Laravel Queue processes and other programs.
How to install and configure Postfix on Ubuntu 16.04 in order to send outbound email with valid DKIM and SPF validation records.
Getting started with Docker containers using Docker and Docker Compose on Ubuntu 14.04
List of steps on how to use the WP CLI utility to download, install, and configure WordPress from the command line on Ubuntu 16.04
Checklist of steps to configure a LAMP web server stack on Ubuntu 16.04 using Apache 2.4, MariaDB, and PHP 7 on a Digital Ocean VPS.
How to install and setup HTTPS (SSL/TLS) using Let's Encrypt and Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 14.04
This post covers the installation and configuration of a local development environment for WordPress (and other projects) on Mac OSX 10.11 using Apache 2.4, PHP, MariaDB, and the WP CLI command line utility
How to find the count of records in a pivot table for a many-to-many relationship between models in Laravel 5 using Eloquent ORM.
How to convert a separate (non-master) branch to the master branch in git while retaining history.
How to discard local changes in a git repository and sync local branch with HEAD (overwriting all local changes).
Short post about the pwck Linux utility used to validate /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow Linux password configuration files.
A short snippet of PHP to remove duplicate values from a comma delimited string.
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