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Notes on setup and preferences for Kubuntu 18.04
Quick shell script snippet to check if a given program is installed.
Options for creating quick PHP command line scripts
Quick reference for for Markdown syntax. Markdown is a simple markup language used for composing text documents.
A handful of commonly used Certbot commands used for managing Let's Encrypt certificates.
Using the Perl 'rename' command to batch rename a group of image files on the MacOS command line with Homebrew package manager.
Add some CSS to hide the default top tab bar and other style customzations for use with the Tree Style Tabs Firefox extenstion.
Information related to building a static website with Hugo, a static site generator.
Quick notes on backing up and upgrading Nextcloud from version 13.0.0 to 14.0.1
A quick command on MacOS to prevent the creation of .DS_Store hidden files on mapped network drives.
An easy, customizable way to conduct project-wide search and replace with vim.
How to access the current Monolog instance in Laravel.
Quick reference for using regular expressions in PHP.
A quick reference for common HTML special characters.
Error encountered when generating an SSL certificate with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 16.04.
Use the apt-cache and apt utilities on the Ubuntu command line to search for and obtain information about packages.
Working with dates in yyyy-mm-dd format in PHP with the DateTime class. How to evaluate if an input is a valid date in yyyy-mm-dd input and formatting the DateTime object as a string.
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